Your photos have more power to broadcast the true you than ever before. That's why Huawei has joined forces with Leica to deliver a new breed of dual lens smartphone camera. Putting over a century of Leica expertise into the new P9. Forward-thinking tech meets timeless engineering. The result? Next-level smartphone photography.


Founded by one visionary engineer less than 30 years ago, Huawei – which literally means 'flower' – has grown at an astonishing rate, blooming from its roots in China to become one of the largest technology companies in the world.
Inspired by greatness, we are on a constant mission to create the legendary technology of the future. It’s why our devices cut through the noise, inspire your passion and enable the experiences of a lifetime.


Leica revolutionized and shaped the history of photography. Cue generations of influential photographers and the 20th century’s most culturally loved images. They opened the door. Nowadays, their name is synonymous with photographic prestige. So why not have Leica in your smartphone?


What happens when you cross the world’s largest and most visionary technology company with the most iconic photography brand? It starts with the P9 smartphone's dual lens camera. And there are even bigger things in the pipeline. Like a shared research and innovation centre that draws on our world-class experience and expertise to create previously unimaginable technology, devices and experiences. Think virtual reality, augmented reality, the sky's the limit.